Global smart IT solution provider GEATSOFT

business overview

We know and execute the entire process (From planning to A/S)
Consulting from a data point of view

  • IT Infra service IT resource integration Service

    - Network / Hardware Solutions that can be used effectively

  • Consulting Service Provide consulting from the perspective of process and data
    • - KPIs for improvement
  • Customization
    & SI Service
    Customized customer Service
    • - Optimizes for the manufacturing site.
    • - System design and construction
  • System Management
    SLA based service
    • - To ensure continuity
    • - To provide integrated maintenance service

IT Infra Service

Optimized and customized total IT infrastructure service provision.
From system consulting to maintenance.

- Based on know-how and technology accumulated through professional service in various industrial fields
- Network, hardware, and solutions are organically integrated and effectively utilized
  • Infrastructure SI service
    • - System/Network/Solution
    • - IT infrastructure such as facilities SI service provision
  • IT architecture design and product supply Customer environment and Requirements analysis to Optimize Architecture design and product delivery
  • Diagnosis/Consulting For IT infrastructure Improvements through Analysis presentation and planning
  • Maintenance service
    • - Ensure service continuity
    • - Integrated maintenance for service provision

Smart Factory

Process redesign, optimized for the production site,
and build a system from the perspective of data

- We suggest the most efficient way to build the customer's system
- We provide a conversion model by clearly defining areas for improvement
- Improve customer KPIs and value creation.
  • Process consulting Process Mining from Special Consultant with Disco
    - Manufacturing Process
  • Design from a data By data experts, System eliminates redundancy
    - Minimize inflexibility and non-scalability
  • POP / MES / EAP I/F program with equipment as well as Monitoring needed for small businesses System, POP, MES etc
  • Ease of Management System monitoring, failure Notification conveniently Through system management

Digital Transformation

Core technology developmen for Digital Transformation

- Cultivate cloud technical personnel
- Carrying out successful cloud transformation projects Core solution development
- Grow into a professional D.T. company
  • Cloud Technology & Man-power
  • Cloud Transition development
  • Visualization Insight
  • Cloud encryption
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